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About Tarell Martin & C2 Mass Choir

The C2 Mass Choir is a professional, community-based choir, under the leadership

and direction of musician and producer, Tarell Martin. C2 is the reignited

extension of the original Stellar Award Winning Colorado Mass Choir,

created and founded by Joe Pace. 


The C2 Mass Choir vision and mission is to use their gifts, graces, and

abilities to do good in the community through singing that touches hearts,


change and growth, and encourages people to fulfill their God-given dreams.

With members of the original Colorado Mass Choir and other gifted singers from across the region, the C2 Mass Choir assembled and began rehearsing in Spring 2021. After hours of dedicated rehearsal, the C2 Mass Choir debuted during its Warmup Concert on July 3, 2001 where they also released their first single, “So Amazing.”

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